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Independent Investment Advisors

IF Wall Street can't manage their own money, what makes you think they can manage your money?

At Clark Brothers Investments we are different. We judge ourselves by how much money we make for our clients, not by how much money we make for ourselves.


The Clark Bros pledge:
I,_____________________, vow to only support businesses who have built their business with their own two hands on the principles of Integrity, Trust, & Competence; hard work, risk taking, fair and just competition, the entrepreneurial spirit, free markets, and capitalism - all with America's best interest in mind.

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." Buddha

Clark Brothers is a truly Independent financial services firm:

    No commission driven sales-We don't sell any financial products for a commission.
    No proprietary (in-house) products-We only sell what is best for our clients.
    No third party arrangements (kickbacks for selling selected products)-We don't have any prearranged selling agreements
       with any mutual fund company, hedge fund, or private equity firm to sell "their" funds.

Clark Brothers Investments is an investment advisory firm that specializes in financial planning and money management. Clark Brothers Investments is one of the only firms in the country that offers every single investor the opportunity to invest in the best securities in each and every asset class. As a truly independent registered investment advisory firm we are able to provide clients with the absolute best products, services, and investment strategies available. Being truly independent also allows us to build our business on the pillars of trust, performance, and service. Most importantly, owning our own business allows us to always act in the best interest of our clients.





Clark Brothers Mission Statement: To earn the unconditional trust of our clients.

Company Objective: To establish a lifelong financial advisor relationship with each and every client.

Company Goal: To uphold our integrity in all of our business transactions.

Personal Goals:

Always act in our clients best interest by being "Trustworthy".

Solve our clients problems by being "Competent".

Make our clients money by being "Passionate".

Beat out our competition by being "Intellectually Competitive".

Company Motto: "Get INVESTED. Stay INVESTED."

Investment Philosophy: "ONLY THE BEST"





18810 E. Whitaker Circle,  Aurora, CO 80015

Phone: 720-255-5711

Disclosure: Clark Brothers Investments is a Registered Investment Advisor firm in the state of Colorado.